Hello World.

Raina Kim Li is the artist behind Rei.  It is a strange story why she signs off her works that way and she might tell you if you come down to her exhibitions and talk to her. 

She has had no formal training but has always harbored the dream of being an artist. In her very recent past life, she was an architect. She is a mother of two rambunctious little boys. 

She is also the founder of  Gentle Beast Art Club, located at 462-A Geylang Rd. Gentle Beast is a creative platform used as a studio, an event venue and exhibition space. Do drop a line if you are interested in its ongoings or in Raina's paintings. You can find Gentle Beast on Facebook and more dormantly, Instagram. 

If you like any of her works and they happen to be sold, do not dismay. Raina welcomes commissions and would love to work on something customized to your space, nothing like putting those years of architecture to some use!

email: rainakimli@gmail.com

She feels rather funny writing about herself in the third person so she will stop here.